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Growing up in India, my neighbours charming and popular pastry shop is where I was introduced to the world of cakes. I dappled among the massive dough mixers and egg beaters and marveled at the delicate Australian piping techniques used on several feet tall wedding cakes. I started experimenting in my mother’s kitchen, replicating the tastes and flavors, and even creating some of my own!

Years later, a career in international marketing led to travel to exotic destinations across Europe, Asia, and Africa and exposure to different cultures and art. In each country, I spent free time touring the local patisseries, boulangeries, chocolatiers, art museums, and architectural sites. Visits to the Prado, Louvre, Van Gogh, Victoria & Albert, and local artisans became a favorite pastime. Learning from pastry chefs and bakers refined my culinary skills, while exposure to the fine arts, architectural and style elements honed a keen sense of creativity, visual design, emotions, and harmony.  

I often dreamt about owning my own cakery to merge the worlds of delicious pastries and other fine arts into creating one-of-a-kind cakes.  That's how Chocolaz began, with an artistic passion, an inspiration, a celebration of the finer things in life.

Thank you for reading my story.

Sonal Pardeshi Deshpande